About Fairbnb.coop | Shelters for Refugees

Being Fairbnb.coop an European cooperative digital platform focused on social solidarity and local communities, we have developed a new version of our platform that could be used by NGOs and Humanitarian organizations to find hosts ready to invite refugees and homeless under their roof.

Fairbnb.coop | Shelter for Refugees

The refugees' platform you are visiting is a clone of our current booking platform.
We are still in beta version. We are working with partners like local and international humanitarian organizations to perfect the model for a long term structural solution.

What we propose and how you can help
We invite all those individuals and organizations that can open their houses, help us vet potential hosts and co-manage the platform in a cooperative way.
We are providing the tool but we need hands, brains and hearts to make it work.

The new platform will remain active even after the end of the current international crisis, which we hope will be imminent, to offer a housing solution to homeless and shelter seekers from all over the world.

Today we ask to open the doors of the houses in our cities and villages to those who are forced to leave their homes.
We address this appeal not only to individuals but also to local governments, companies and anyone who can provide decent housing.

With a cooperative-owned and democratically-managed platform, our homes can become in a safe way,  a temporary and dignified shelter for those in need.

Let's build for the future.

General information and press: refugees@fairbnb.coop

Useful links:
Press kit - Images and press release in .pdf format link.fairbnb.coop/help-refugees-now-press-kit
How Fairbnb.coop works fairbnb.coop/how-it-works